Novembre 10, 2016

volunteering with lp4y

If I keep such great memories of my 5 years of volunteering, it's mainly thanks to my latest mission in the Philippines with the NGO "Life Projet 4 Youth". It's, true that, during 2 years, I had the chance to grow, to experiment, to meet new people, to laugh and to discuss as much as I could have done in 2 lives.

Being a volunteer makes all your emotions and experiences stronger. It goes faster, it's more intense, more extraordinary. Your daily life is like being in a movie, and everyday I could realize how lucky I was to dream my life and to live my dreams.

Thanks to LP4Y, I met wonderful people. First, the Youth. They truly are living proofs of what being resilient means showing how they can become stronger after touching the bottom and how they can always reinvent and improve themselves. Then, the filipinos that are, everyday, working to help those who are really in need. They gave such a good example on how to be a positive actor of change in your own country, whether you are working in an NGO or a company. Last but not least, the volunteers I worked with. For 1 year, 2 years or sometimes more , they decide to stop being at the center of their own lives to be at the service of others using this choice as a never-ending fuel to overcome all the surprises, the obstacles and possible disappointments that living an expatriate life can create.


LP4Y, it's also a philosophy of life! Mark Twain used to say: "They didn't know it was impossible, so they did it". So many people have been saying that the project was a bad idea and so many times they have been proven wrong. The fact of making work together people from different countries, cultures and traditions is one of the key principle to create the sparkle the Youth need to start thinking that a better life is possible for them. The volunteers, by looking at them with new and non-judgmental eyes, are actually giving them the space they need to feel as new-born babies to reinvent themselves and dream again.

Another thing I learned from LP4Y is that you "always shoot for the moon, because even if it fails you land in the stars" (Oscar Wilde). Don't limit yourself because so many others will do that for you and I realize it even much more now that I am back to France. Here people are so pessimistic that they put on the brakes before even starting the engine.

To put it in a nutshell, those 2 years with LP4Y have been a complete success. So many life lessons that I carry with me as a strength and an inspiration to choose the life I want and to share it to the people around me. If I have one advice it would be that getting out of your comfort zone is always scary at the beginning but it's probably the best way to feel truly alive.

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