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6 Oct 2016

→ I discover many tips and tricks to protect the environment

→ I turn my smartphone into an eco-coach

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s amazing how Mankind’s inventions can be used for good and evil alike! To illustrate this, I give to you exhibit A: a smartphone. Sometimes described as...

1 Oct 2016

→ I increase my browser’s speed

→ I reduce my computer’s power use

→ I reduce web server loads

Today, straight to the point. I try something simple, direct, and efficient.

So many people surf the net these days, that every year more and more resources are being consumed just because of the web! Here we...

13 Sep 2016

=> reducing the number of useless emails sent

=> focusing on important news

=> reducing my carbon footprint

What can be more frustrating than all those unrequested newsletters that we receive in our inbox? Sometimes it’s advertisement that weaseled its way out of the spam folder, or information we sign...

9 Sep 2016

=> I reduce electricity use

=> I put order in my documents

=> I get into good working habits

All right, let’s change the world! But which world? A world with increasing connectivity where technology continuously expands its reach in our lives.

So just as we need to get moving in the “real” world, we’re...

1 Sep 2016

=> Surfing the net while reducing environmental impact

=> ControlLing my digital footprint

=> Give cash without spending a penny

=> Plant trees while digging through the web

It’s difficult not to mention technology when we’re talking about changing things. Controlling our data or the environmental...

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