Be the change you want  to see in the world

3 Oct 2016

→ I share my joys and inspire my circles.

→ I bring attention to initiatives that inspire me.

→ I’m part of creating constructive and positive trends.

Getting things moving means knowing what you want, what can be done, and acting to change the deal. But what about all those who don’t really do anythin...

2 Oct 2016

→ I support causes I’m sensitive to.

→ I use the Internet to call attention to important topics.

For a while I’ve been seeing petitions to sign run by on the internet (a few months ago it was about bulls in spanish corridas, today it’s about consumer product lifecycles), and so today, I’ve decided to...

25 Sep 2016

→ I get involved in decisions taken concerning my municipality

→ I am part of the major projects in my community

→ I express the real needs of citizens

It seems that topics related to society at large inspire me a lot these days. Perhaps it’s also because the school and business year is starting, but I...

24 Sep 2016

→ I meet new people

→ I’m useful to society

→ I focus on someone other than myself

Not so easy in our time-strapped lives to take time for someone else. Money? Doubters will say we’re never really sure how it will be used... Objects? Pessimists will say we never really know who will use it in the end.....

22 Sep 2016

→ I understand the campaign’s hot topics

→ I read each candidate’s project proposals

→ I compare each candidate’s position on major societal topics

Yes, it has started. The Right’s preliminary elections have launched the presidential race, culminating with next May’s swearing in of the French President...

19 Sep 2016

=> understanding the way our economy is organized

=> challenging the “I need more” mindset

=> regaining the value of life at a human scale

As I mentioned a few days ago, quitting television doesn’t mean squelching all information out. Today, I’d like to share with you a documentary that came out a coup...

14 Sep 2016

=> shaking up my routine

=> winning an extra two hours a day to “do something else”

=> challenging the values conveyed by the mass media

As you have seen, up to now I’ve mostly shared eco-friendly tips with you. How to reduce my impact as a consumer? How to reduce the energy I use as I surf the web? Ho...

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