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30 Sep 2016

→ I always challenge my routine

→ I pay attention to labels

→ I reduce my carbon footprint

It had to happen one day - I got tricked! I wasn’t so used to going to organic stores before going abroad, so I’ve been picking things from the shelves without double-checking anything, because, hey, it’s organic...

16 Sep 2016

=> reconnecting with the real taste of things

=> reducing single-use wrappers

=> stepping back from crazy agrobusiness practices I support local businesses

Nobody is perfect, and that is also what I wanted to show when I launched “It All Starts With Me”. Very often, when I ask questions, when I make su...

10 Sep 2016

=> I give my things away instead of throwing them away

=> I make it easier for people in need to find local jobs

=> I reduce my carbon footprint buying second-hand items

When you’re moving in somewhere, as is my case, you quickly discover the infernal vicious cycle of becoming a serial consumer. Of cou...

8 Sep 2016

=> a natural soap made from organic products

=> a way to promote and preserve traditional know-how

=> no more packaging, no more chemical products

Wanting a healthier world that is also more fair doesn’t mean that we should pay more for everything we do and need. Marseilles Soap is a great example to i...

6 Sep 2016

=> tuning in to nature’s rhythm

=> eating fresh and healthy products

=> rediscovering forgotten fruits and vegetables

Eating seasonal is more and more fashionable, and this has a good impact on our planet. Why? Put simply, if we eat seasonal, our planet’s cycles are respected, and we’re the ones carefu...

4 Sep 2016

=> Support local businesses

=> keep those internet shopping habits

=> Stop feeding those Global companies

This “Buy Local” topic will come time and time again over the year! We see many initiatives around us supporting this trend: “Made in France”, Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA farms), local mar...

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