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28 Jan 2017

=> I help clean nature and public spaces

=> I reduce environmental contamination

=> I fulfill my positive duty as a citizen

Yet another social media miracle: people now find it cool to pick trash up off the street. It’s called the “1 Piece of Rubbish” campaign! As it says, the idea is to pick one piece...

6 Oct 2016

→ I discover many tips and tricks to protect the environment

→ I turn my smartphone into an eco-coach

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s amazing how Mankind’s inventions can be used for good and evil alike! To illustrate this, I give to you exhibit A: a smartphone. Sometimes described as...

5 Oct 2016

→ I stop using plastic cups.

→ I reduce daily waste.

The more I dig into this, the more I realize that plastic has been responsible for a radical shift in our consumer society. Before this fabulous invention, there were more metal cups, bottles were made out of glass and managed with deposits, house i...

4 Oct 2016

→ I review my daily goals.

→ I spend time with those around me.

→ I rethink the way our society works.

I’d like to share with you today about a documentary that got me thinking. “The urgent need to slow down”. Over an hour and a half, the author tries to share how much our connection to time in our con...

3 Oct 2016

→ I share my joys and inspire my circles.

→ I bring attention to initiatives that inspire me.

→ I’m part of creating constructive and positive trends.

Getting things moving means knowing what you want, what can be done, and acting to change the deal. But what about all those who don’t really do anythin...

2 Oct 2016

→ I support causes I’m sensitive to.

→ I use the Internet to call attention to important topics.

For a while I’ve been seeing petitions to sign run by on the internet (a few months ago it was about bulls in spanish corridas, today it’s about consumer product lifecycles), and so today, I’ve decided to...

1 Oct 2016

→ I increase my browser’s speed

→ I reduce my computer’s power use

→ I reduce web server loads

Today, straight to the point. I try something simple, direct, and efficient.

So many people surf the net these days, that every year more and more resources are being consumed just because of the web! Here we...

30 Sep 2016

→ I always challenge my routine

→ I pay attention to labels

→ I reduce my carbon footprint

It had to happen one day - I got tricked! I wasn’t so used to going to organic stores before going abroad, so I’ve been picking things from the shelves without double-checking anything, because, hey, it’s organic...

29 Sep 2016

→ I look up to people who are changing the world at their scale

→ I realize that the changemaker trend is happening

→ I fight for a cause

If I started “It all starts with me”, it’s because it was a great way for me to challenge all my acts – and also because I felt that the topic was trending more and...

28 Sep 2016

→ I use natural products instead of chemical products

→ I reduce wrappings and containers in my trash

→ I rediscover the good old ways

More proof that adopting practices that respect the environment helps save money at the same time. I give you... white vinegar!

My mom is walking advertisement for this...

27 Sep 2016

→ I discover hidden treasures of Paris’s rich history

→ I make it easier for those without a job to find work

I had always thought that changing the world was a boring task, and that those who fight for the Planet had to live in caves eating roots in the candlelight.

There are literally dozens, hundred...

26 Sep 2016

→ I look up to people who are changing the world at their scale

→ I support independent media

→ I connect to “good vibrations”

I have to confess something: “I’m not the first person who ever wanted to change the world”. I know, it comes as a shock, but I had to be honest with you.

Of course I knew I was...

25 Sep 2016

→ I get involved in decisions taken concerning my municipality

→ I am part of the major projects in my community

→ I express the real needs of citizens

It seems that topics related to society at large inspire me a lot these days. Perhaps it’s also because the school and business year is starting, but I...

24 Sep 2016

→ I meet new people

→ I’m useful to society

→ I focus on someone other than myself

Not so easy in our time-strapped lives to take time for someone else. Money? Doubters will say we’re never really sure how it will be used... Objects? Pessimists will say we never really know who will use it in the end.....

23 Sep 2016

→ I use natural products on my body

→ I reduce my carbon footprint by reducing my trash

When you walk the path of changing the world, there comes a time when obstacles arise, and they’re not what you expect them to be.

I say that because Colin Beaven, in his book “No impact man”, was saying that in his...

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