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5 Oct 2016

→ I stop using plastic cups.

→ I reduce daily waste.

The more I dig into this, the more I realize that plastic has been responsible for a radical shift in our consumer society. Before this fabulous invention, there were more metal cups, bottles were made out of glass and managed with deposits, house i...

4 Oct 2016

→ I review my daily goals.

→ I spend time with those around me.

→ I rethink the way our society works.

I’d like to share with you today about a documentary that got me thinking. “The urgent need to slow down”. Over an hour and a half, the author tries to share how much our connection to time in our con...

29 Sep 2016

→ I look up to people who are changing the world at their scale

→ I realize that the changemaker trend is happening

→ I fight for a cause

If I started “It all starts with me”, it’s because it was a great way for me to challenge all my acts – and also because I felt that the topic was trending more and...

27 Sep 2016

→ I discover hidden treasures of Paris’s rich history

→ I make it easier for those without a job to find work

I had always thought that changing the world was a boring task, and that those who fight for the Planet had to live in caves eating roots in the candlelight.

There are literally dozens, hundred...

26 Sep 2016

→ I look up to people who are changing the world at their scale

→ I support independent media

→ I connect to “good vibrations”

I have to confess something: “I’m not the first person who ever wanted to change the world”. I know, it comes as a shock, but I had to be honest with you.

Of course I knew I was...

12 Sep 2016

=> drastically reducing the weight of my trash bin

=> creating humus to boost fruit and vegetable growth

Have you ever heard this saying: “The best waste it the waste we don’t create”? I told myself, what if the second best waste was the one we could compost?

I’m sure you’ve all heard something about c...

2 Sep 2016

=> Find what inspires you

=> Find news on important topics in a positive and dynamic manner

=> Discover that others are on the same quest at our side

True, over the coming year, I’ll especially be dealing with the “How” questions. But it would be a bit measly to talk about how to do things without shar...

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